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Sheepdog Society

The Sheepdog Society is the fastest-growing group of gun-toting patriots
AK47 Crash Course

AK47 Crash Course

Operate and maintain the infamous "end of the world" gun, the AK-47 like a
AR15 Crash Course

AR15 Crash Course

Learn how to maintain, operate and shoot your AR like a
Bolt Action Basics

Bolt Action Basics

Former U.S. Army Infantry Officer EJ Owens present's the ultimate primer to
concealed carry

About EJ Owens

Firearms Training Expert,Best-Selling Author,US Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor,CQB Instructor.

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2nd Amendment

We Support the 2nd Amendment

Legally Concealed has designed this unique symbol for supporting our 2nd Amendment. This symbol has a black background representing the darkness that surrounds us in our everyday life. The “two silver lines” represent the rights expressed in the 2nd Amendment 1) Keep & 2) Bear arms and the silver “2” represents the 2nd Amendment itself. This special symbol is designed in the same spirit of the law enforcement “thin blue line”. Check out our products and display them proudly!