About the instructor

EJ Owens is a 14-year U.S. Army vet and founder of LegallyConcealed.org, a pro-2nd ammendment organization. As a commissioned officer (Infantry), he and was selected for Executive Protection of various government officials during war time. He's a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor and served in Afghanistan as a Department of Justice contractor assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force.

He's also a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, an NRA Certified Personal Protection In The Home Instructor, a combat medic, a rope-rappel master, a TN State Handgun Permit Instructor, a Certified Glock Armorer, and the 2009 MS State IDPA Champion (CDP). He also served his local community as a fireman and nationally registered paramedic.

Since 2007, he's served the U.S. military as a private, Department of Defense contractor, developing over 300 hours of Small Arms Training for the U.S. Special Operations Command including:

  • U.S. Navy SEAL's
  • U.S. Army Special Forces
  • U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command
  • U.S. Air Force Pararescue
  • And other classified government agencies

His training includes:

  • Unarmed and Armed Defensive courses
  • Explosive and Dynamic Breaching
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Long Range Shooting
  • Impact Weapons
  • And other classified training

He's received advanced instruction from:

  • John Farnam
  • Massad Ayoob
  • Larry Vickers
  • Ken Hackathorn
  • Tom Givens
  • James Yeager
  • And Jim Fuller's AK building class from Rifle Dynamics

Course Topics


  • A critical mistake to avoid when using a tactical light that can get you shot in an instant.
  • How to ascend and descend a stairwell with a loaded weapon.
  • How to use a weapon-mounted or tactical light to positively identify your target, while not giving away your position.
  • How to safely move your spouse and children to your saferoom with a known threat inside your home.
  • How to take an angle to change the trajectory of a bullet so it doesn't overpenetrate and hit an unintended target, like a child.
  • How to safely answer your door when unknown person is present, and what you must train your children to do so to avoid being a victim of a home invasion.
  • How to move through your home using the high-ready position to investigate a potential threat.
  • The difference between concealment and cover, and when to use them.
  • How to react if you're confronted by multiple assailants.
  • Why you must maintain maximum distance from your attacker as possible.
  • How to avoid death alley in the hallways of your home.


  • The most effective firing grip for a semi-auto pistol used by the military and law enforcement for maximum control and accuracy.
  • How to store your weapon to so you can access it immediately, while keeping small children safe.
  • The four firearm safety rules that you must follow at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of the ones around you.
  • If you should verbally warn an intruder that you're armed.


  • Which weapons are the most effective for home-protection and why.
  • The myth that women can't shoot a semi-auto pistol, like a Glock, and why putting a revolver in your her hand could get her killed.
  • Which firearm I use for personal protection so you can make an informed buying decision when you go to the gun store.
  • The pros and cons of different firearms including the semi-auto pistol, the revolver, the 12-gauge vs. 20-gauge shotgun and whole lot more.
  • Which type of ammunition you should use for personal protection and why.
  • The pros and cons of a weapon-mounted light vs. a tactical light.
  • Which caliber is best for home protection: 9mm, 40S&W, .44, 45ACP, etc.
  • The 1911 vs. Glock-style pistol and what I personally use and recommend. (I own both.)


  • How to make your home uninviting to a criminal so you decrease your chance of becoming a target.
  • When you should flee to avoid a confrontation and when you must stand your ground and fight.
  • The most critical components for your safe room like a first-aid kit, a charged cell phone, and extra ammo that could save your life.
  • How to choose a safe room in your home, when you should use it, and when you should avoid it.
  • Why the most powerful weapon you have in a critical incident like a home invasion is your brain.
  • What happens psychologically when you're under duress and what to do about it.
  • How to overcome the loss of fine motor skills and cave man hands in a high-stress environment.


  • Dry-fire drills to practice at home with an unloaded or training weapon, so you can ingrain them into your muscle memory.
  • We'll discuss several home-invasion scenarios so you know how to react in a time-is-life situation
  • What to do once you're hunkered down in your safe room to keep you and your family safe until the police arrive.
  • What to do after you've been confronted with an intruder that you've had to shoot. And how you should respond to the police officers when they arrive on the scene, including what not to say.
  • The DEA drill and quarter drill.
  • How to self-diagnose the problem if you aren't hitting your target accurately, regardless of where the bullet is going.
  • How to properly load, unload, field-strip, clean and reassemble your Glock (or other semi-auto pistol) the right way, every time.

About the training videos

All the video for this course was shot in HD quality by a four-man, professional film crew with over $200,000 of professional video, audio, and lighting equipment.

What's included

You get online access to over 90 training videos in stunning HD quality. Everything is clearly organized so you can easily follow along. You can login and watch the videos anytime of day or night. The training videos will play on PC or MAC, as well as any smartphone or tablet, so you can continue your training anywhere, anytime. You get lifetime access to your training videos, as long as you maintain your membership.

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Interview with James Yeager of Tactical Response


Customers who purchased No B.S. Home Defense were asked one simple question: “What is your opinion about this training?” Here’s what they said...

“This is the best real world common sense training that will save your life. I can not stress enough how awesome EJ Owens is.” Regards, Kelly Hays

“Great! It's made me think about a lot of things I'd never considered before. It's all common sense but if you're not used to thinking about this stuff, the obvious eludes you.”

“The videos are great. I liked all of them but I enjoyed the interview videos the most with EJ just being himself.”

“So far I have learned a great deal about many of the issues to consider concerning home defense. Happily, some of these issues we had already incorporated at our home, i.e. having an emergency key available at each door for the dead bolt locks; we have casement style windows, so no double hung window locks to worry about. The comments about motion detector lighting was timely; my wife and I had been talking about this earlier, so this provided some reinforcement to our thinking. Also the comments about tactical lights were also revealing.Looking to learn more in coming sessions.”

"Outstanding. Excellent. All of the material is clear. Ability to go back and review is key. What is especially important is EJ's, “Oh, by the way...” segments, referencing tribal knowledge such as:

  • “You can dry fire your pistol hundreds/thousands of times and not a problem.”
  • “Multiple targets...shoot the closest one first; then shoot the other one.”
  • “Getting hearing protection...put them next to your gun...shared that first time he shot in a closed environment was deaf for several days
  • “Time is life"" matra”
  • "willing to cooperate in any way that I can, but first need to see my lawyer"

And I could go on...


  • There is no dictating
  • There is solid information given that enables the individual to assess his/her own situation and make a wise decision.
  • The insight provided into the physiological challenges that will accompany a home invasion are right on time. I told a friend who experienced a home invasion what E.J. said would happen, and this man said that is exactly what he experienced.
  • The training covers the basics of prevention starting from how to prepare a home to discourage criminals from the start, to avoiding conflict at all cost, to escape if possible. Reasons are given for this that support the training with what really happens­­not according to one's imagination born of deceptive TV and movie fantasies.
  • One's mind is prepared for all scenarios­­including the facts about what takes place should a real threat need to be terminated.
  • Encouragement is given for making a plan and practicing it
  • The training brings one's mind to a constant state of alert in a way that does not detract from enjoying life but rather enjoying life while being circumspect for personal and family comfort..

I could write more as this training is exhaustive and full­orbed even touching on first aid.

E.J.'s expertise and insights in home defense are enhanced by his sincerity and sobriety of mind coupled with his intense focus as he brings forth rock solid training with all seriousness and soundness of speech. He means business and he knows his business well. I wait eagerly for the next weeks training, phone calls, interviews and whatever else he presents. My money was very well spent.

R.P. Creech

"EJ, my wife have enjoyed your training videos.... they are well done and informative for beginners as well as seasoned individuals. I have learned a lot, that I never thought about.

Thank you and keep it coming!

Dan & Amy

"I love the intensity and the concern and how you have thought­out the mind­set and the process. I like the conf calls, even though I have not been able to make one yet (because of work) but like the recordings."

“As long as I keep in mind this training is for the most part intended for a beginner level it is great. I have picked up several things so far and am happy overall so no complaints.”

“So far I feel your advice is sound. Kind of feel like it was a lot of money for what info we have gotten so far but also worth it if a person is really inexperienced with this way of thinking. I'm right on track with you when it comes to that. You have definitely given me some ideas that I liked and will put into play with my home defence. I'm doing this to make sure I have a solid plan from a real pro and someone that has had to make snap decisions on a real battlefield to better help myself and 11 year old son if it came down to it, ya he shoots with me and often! Hmm so I guess that being said, ya it is well worth the price.”

Thank you,

Eric Pignone

“Much of the training seems to be good basic common sense. I understand the need to break things down into their most basic and simple components so that a very broad audience will understand and your training did just that. There were some very good points in the training however I found much of it to be a good review and refresher course of the plans that I already have in my head should an emergency arise.”

"Excellent course that was professionally presented. Many of the things presented I already knew but there was a whole bunch of information that was new to me. I now carry everywhere I go, have had the house alarmed, put out signs letting others know that I have an alarm, put up "Beware of the Dog" signs, talked with my wife and we now have a plan that we are working together on, the wife is now interested in learning to shoot, she knows how to answer the door properly to people or unknown situations, I purchased a light for my Glock 23, and am learning to shoot with both eyes open. I shoot SASS (Cowboy Action) every week and we use revolvers, a rifle, and a shotgun. Gives multiple target practice. Now I have to learn to shoot and move. I'd like to say that I'd see you down range but I retired in 1988 with 25 years service. I thank­you for service, both for the military and this course.”

Larry Beard

CWO3 retired

"I think your approach is very easy to understand, with the emphasis on "protecting those who mean the most to you... whatever you have to do"! For someone like myself who is old enough to be your father, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Do whatever is necessary to avoid confrontation for yourself and family. But when there's no alternative, be prepared to do whatever necessary to protect yourself and those around you who you love.

You have a common­sense approach to self­defense that's easy to understand for a layman! My son has trained with one of your trainers and it has helped him immensely with this same kind of approach. Keep up the great work. Best of luck to you and your family. God's speed!!!!”

Frank Potestio, Jr.

“Makes one aware of the use of self defense, which the average joe isn't.”

Eugene Hawkins