Pieing A Corner

This is pieing a corner. There is a way to take a corner without exposing yourself any more than you have to. For this demonstration, the corner that I will be pieing is on my right side. I am a right-handed shooter. But because I’m using a right-handed corner, I need to change my grip. So, as I’ve earlier demonstrated about the firm firing grip, the void is filled by the palm of the non-shooting hand. I’m just going to reverse that grip. I’m now going to move my hand over to my left hand, which is my firing hand. (I still have the same void.)

I’ll take the palm of my non-shooting hand and fill that void, wrap my fingers around, and keep my thumbs down. Can you see my fingers outside the trigger? And that’s how you hold a gun. So, let’s pie this corner. I want to get as much stand off from this corner as possible. A lot of guys like to get up from the corner, stick their gun out like this, and expose your left chest, which holds your lung,

a portion of your heart, your left shoulder, elbow, hand, gun, and leg—all of these can be shot.

So, back off from the corner and step to the side where you cannot visually see your target. Get that firm firing grip—use two hands, press forward, assume your stance, gun, hand, leg, forward, drop your base. Lock your elbows out, and tuck your chin into your arms. Now, do a small side step while exposing only as little gun as possible. Do not stick out your elbow, shoulder, hip, or leg. You need to lean over a little and take a slight step. I see my target at the moment.

If I need to move the right leg to brace myself, I can. Now, I can get a firm firing grip, good sight picture, and slowly pull the trigger to the rear. I can also come back in, if I did not shoot. Come back in. Move back out. Come back in. Move back out. I have some concealment because of this wall. And again, it’s not a cover; but it is a kind of concealment. Now, should I press out? I’ve got a good angle,. I see him, but I did not shoot for some reason—I need to change angles.

I can drop my knee at the gun side, use the right leg, get some base, lean out while rotating the gun over, and fire. Lean back in, rotate the gun back up, stand back up, slowly lean out, gain sight picture, and pull the trigger. In this way, you only expose a minimal amount of your body. What is exposed is the barrel of your gun. Your eye can pick up what your gun is pointing at. You’re not exposing any parts of your body more than you need to, and you can make a clean shot.

That’s pieing a corner.